Healing-Freedom + Sounding Bowl manifests Archangel frequencies to Offer individuals – persons, animals, trees, plants, etc., and assist in clearing various issues of imbalance including emotional, mental, physical and psychological. No music knowledge is required.  All strums, each individual string, is guided by all pure Higher Beings. As pure Higher Beings conduct the Offering, no discussion is needed with the Healing-Freedom + Sounding Bowl Practitioner before, other than to arrange when and where the Offering is to take place. Only one Offering is required.

Sounding Bowls have been used since 1986 in a variety of therapeutic situations including neo-natal intensive care, children with special needs, psychiatric care, hospice and dementia care. Sounding Bowls are round wooden bowls with strings inside, manufactured from fresh felled trees. The resonating sounds of the Sounding Bowl creates a sense of peace and healing.



This is nothing to do with eating/not eating certain foods, dieting, etc., in any way


After the Healing-Freedom + Sounding Bowl Offering,each individual, whether a person, animal, tree, plant etc., is naturally releasing what has coloured their life, habits, behaviour, that they hold on to - recently, for some time, a lifetime - no longer carrying all this around as part of them, their imbalance, they are their natural size, which is visible physically over the initial 3-6 weeks, themselves, as they are balanced and get on with their lives.