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I have known Eilean for many years and she has helped both myself and many friends and family members.  Everyone  faces difficulties at sometime and it is very reassuring  to know Eileans help is there when needed.  Following a treatment/offering things always seem better, whether this is a better perspective or things just turning out well. Mrs N. Manchester, 2021

Sounding Bowl

Charlie is a retired racing greyhound who had a successful career in Ireland.  That means he won a lot of races but it does not mean that he was treated well. He retired from racing due to injury.  When we adopted Charlie from the Retired Greyhound Trust he was extremely nervous and timid.  He would cower away if somebody moved quickly or even lifted their hand.  He also had separation anxiety and was frightened of loud noises.

Over a period of time, Eilean has treated Charlie for the injuries to his back, but most importantly she has treated his psychological issues both directly and remotely.

He is now a calm, settled and placid pet, his true personality is now thriving.  He is a loving and settled member of our family.  Thank you to Eilean for sharing her healing abilities with Charlie and our family. Tina H, 2019

After my Healing-Freedom + Sounding Bowl treatment I started off very apprehensive, yet as time went on I found I didn't want a lot of sweet stuff, started eating sensibly and not picking and it took me a time to realize it was through the Healing-Freedom+ Sounding Bowl treatment.

Generally feel more sure of myself, confident, free from worry.

Thank you very much for the Angels and the Sounding Bowl with the Healing-Freedom treatment.

Di, Kidderminster, 2019