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In the middle of June, this year, I was suffering with hay-fever quite badly and taking medication for it. However at this time I had a treatment of Healing-Freedom + Sounding Bowl with Eilean.

To my amazement I haven’t had full blown hay-fever since! I have the occasional sneeze but have taken no medication for it since! Previously I had hay-fever every summer for at least the last 30 years.

Sue B, Stourport-on-Severn

Following a long career working in ‘customer’ facing roles I felt jaded, uninspired and couldn’t find a new direction and my health started to suffer. Fortunately through a friend I was introduced to Eilean Drysdale who is the founder of Healing-Freedom + Sounding Bowl.

Through the training and mentoring of Eilean I have been able to help cats, dogs and people to function better in their everyday lives. With animals the outcome of your help has to be seen as they can’t actually tell you their feelings, their owners recognise the change and that’s when you get the all important feed back. When I’m carrying out a treatment I pick up different feelings and I’m often drawn to areas of the body that need attention. When you mention this after the treatment the reply can be ‘oh yes I have had pain there for years’ or ‘I had an operation on that leg years ago’ and as one of my clients responded about his cat ‘how did you know about his stiff back leg and withered tail I didn’t tell you as he has always been like that since I took him in’.

Helping has been in my nature all of my life and it gives me great satisfaction.







Bill Noon, Healing-Freedom Practitioner