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Concerned because our lovely cat had lost a lot of weight in a short time and she was in obvious pain, we feared the worst. We contacted Eilean to see if she could help, she immediately picked up a strong reaction to some spinal damage. She treated her twice the next day, Podge improved noticeably. The next day Eilean did one more treatment and now two days later Podge is back to her inquisitive, characterful self. Amazing as we actually live in Spain. Many, many thanks Eilean.

Julie, Andy and of course Podge. 2010



"I have know Eilean for 10 years during which I have used her Healing techniques for all my family and our pets. Originally, this started with Reflexology, Reiki and some alternative therapies, then continued into distance healing while she was in Spain, with the most amazing results. Even the sceptics in my family could see the difference in themselves, when she had done a treatment. I have recently been on her "Healing Freedom" course, this was fascinating and I am treating my own family now.

Sue L, Malta 2012