Healing-Freedom + Sounding Bowl Founder

Animal communication

La Asociacion Espanola de Sanadores Espirituales

Member of British Reflexology Association
Member of the ART Register of Advanced Reflexologists

Reiki Master

Certified Advanced Practitioner of Meridian Energy Therapies through the Association for Meridian Energy Therapies (Emotional Freedom Techniques and Emotrance)

TellingtonTouch Companion Animal Practitioner II

I have been involved with, and a practitioner of, alternative therapies since 1996, having practised in both the UK and Spain.

At the beginning of 2000 during Offerings of Advanced Reflexology, Reiki or TellingtonTouch for Animals, what is now called Healing-Freedom naturally occurred. A near-death experience due to illness in 2006 ensured I explored Healing-Freedom even further. It has become enhanced by the Sounding Bowl.