Q.What does the Offering involve?

A. Both Direct and Distant Offerings take between 30 – 40 minutes, with the remainder of the session each individual – person, animal, tree, plant, etc., being silent for as long as each individual needs, asleep or awake.  This may take between a couple of minutes to quite some time, with them feeling a lovely nothing.


Q. How does the Offering work?

A. Healing-Freedom + Sounding Bowl manifests Archangelic frequencies to clear issues of whatever life has thrown at you, leaving you free to be your true self.  It is the pure Higher Beings Offering, not mine.


This means more than one individual – person, animal, tree, plant etc., - may be Offered at the same time, where-ever each one of them is, ensuring they are naturally releasing what has coloured their life, habits, behaviour – recently, for some time, a lifetime – no longer carrying all this around as part of them, their imbalance, so naturally, over the next 3 – 6 weeks, they become slimmer, their natural size, themselves, as they are balanced and get on with their lives.