Q. How will I feel after the Offering?

A. It depends on the individual.

You may feel absolutely nothing, wondrous nothing at the end of the Offering. Over the next few weeks may notice changes in appetite and maybe no longer thinking about food all of the time as your need has been removed by the Archangel frequencies during the session.

As whatever is bothering you has been dispelled recipients have reported a few changes with their demeanor and appetite since having their imbalances cleared by the pure Higher Beings+Sounding Bowl, now feeling their true selves, focused, confident and at peace with themselves.

You may naturally find changes in your lifestyle: buying a new car, which is the best you've had. You may move house/ job, resulting in e.g. really liking most of the people you work with and enjoy the actual job. You may get a dog/ cat, you may change your girlfriend/ boyfriend etc.!

Q. What hours are you available for Offerings?

A. If you are being Offered Directly, we can agree a time for your session, Monday to Friday. However, sometimes the session can be held on Saturday and Sunday depending on the case.

Distant: Normally, we agree when the Offering will take place, or a number of individuals, at an agreed time, may lie down quietly in their own homes, with their eyes closed, with with no music, telephone, Skype, TV etc, as the Sounding Bowl will be Offered during the session, by the Healing-Freedom + Sounding Bowl Practitioner, who remains in their own home for the duration of the Offering. Both Direct and Distant Offerings take between 30 – 40 minutes, with the remainder of the session each person being silent for as long as each individual needs, asleep or awake. This may take between a couple of minutes to quite some time, or they be wide awake and alert! Their first feeling will be wonder-fully nothing, then maybe alive, happy, content, energetic, aware. Only one Offering is required.

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