After the Healing-Freedom + Sounding Bowl Offering,each individual, whether a person, animal, tree, plant etc., is naturally releasing what has coloured their life, habits, behaviour, that they hold on to - recently, for some time, a lifetime - no longer carrying all this around as part of them, their imbalance, so naturally, over the next 3 – 6 weeks, they are, their natural size as they are balanced and get on with their lives.

Offering: All the pure Higher Beings know how each person, each animal etc., are feeling individually, meaning more than one person / animal / plant etc., may be Offered at the same time, wherever each one of them is. Each Healing-Freedom + Sounding Bowl Practitioner does not heal or channel each human, animal, tree, plant, etc. All pure Higher Beings guide each Healing-Freedom + Sounding Bowl Practitioner with each all pure Higher Being Offering.

Direct: Offering can take place either directly, in a treatment room or another agreed/convenient venue with Healing-Freedom + Sounding Bowl Practitioner in attendance.

Distant: Normally, by telephone with your chosen Healing-Freedom+Sounding Bowl Practitioner, we agree the date and time when the Offering will take place. Then, at the chosen time, each individual will rest in their own home/s, with no music, telephone, Skype, TV etc, as the Sounding Bowl is conveyed during the Offering by the Healing-Freedom + Sounding Bowl Practitioner who remains in their own home for the duration of the Offering. Each individual cannot 'hear' the Sounding Bowl, yet will 'feel' the Sounding Bowl's Offering of beautiful nothing at the end of the session.

After this Offering, each individual does not think about food and should eat their 3 x meals a day, which can include sweet, savoury, normal mixture of food, also possibly drinking water. Maybe some snacks, maybe not. Soon after this Offering, a e.g. cup of tea and biscuit, may pop into the individual’s mind then, gone. This may happen a few times over the next few days, gone.  No cup of tea and biscuit is made or consumed, even if you make cups for visitors! There is no desire to eat anything, no buzzing reference not eating this or that, they get on with their life.

After the Offering, each individual is their natural size, which is apparent over next 3 - 6 weeks (no scales are needed). Their size might level, then a bit more is let go, or not.  All naturally.

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