Sounding Bowls by Tobias Kaye, The Chaos of Change  22nd January 2020

…Also in October my beloved life-partner sold the house we were living in and by Dec
we'd moved into the studio over the workshop. You may be wondering where this is
going. So was I. At times it is good simply to offer up one's life. My god is Love, Christ.
Anything and everything is a journey towards Love. I celebrate the journey. Whether this
being our 33 year had anything to do with this I do not know.

The next piece of the puzzle is Eilean Drysdale, a healer in Worcestershire, England. Eilean
has been using the harmonic, amplifying power of her Sounding Bowl to amplify the divine intention in each case. Her guides tell her not to try to heal any illness or issue, only to help reconnect a person to their divine being and divine purpose in life. People suddenly find their mojo, lose weight, get better jobs, resurrect their marriages AND feel better. I was invited to talk to a healer's group near to Eilean. To my great surprise and delight three of them were keen to invest in a Sounding Bowl. My divine purpose reconnected. No foreclosure. Since then more people have people have found their way to the website or studio and chosen or commissioned bowls to invigorate their own divine connection.