Healing-Freedom + Sounding Bowl Offering

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An alternative example:  new animals to Rescue Centres can be so thin, injured, from how they have been cruelly treated before, or, their owner has died so they are now at the Rescue Centre awaiting a new, different way of life.  Again, after the Offering they let go of their imbalances and find balance: gradually becoming their natural size, their fur soft, their eyes expressions brighter.

The Direct or Distant Offering takes around 30-40 minutes, with each individual feeling nothing, wonder-fully nothing, being silent for as long as each individual needs, asleep or awake. This may take between a couple of minutes to quite some time, or they may immediately be wide awake and alert! They may forget ever having this Offering and get on with their lives.

Recipients have reported a few changes with their demeanour and appetite since having their imbalances cleared by the pure Higher Beings + Sounding Bowl, now feeling their true selves, focused, confident and at peace with themselves.


Incredible how all the pure Higher Beings guide me to see the knowledge they impart: 

From all the pure Higher Beings

The world is full of different Souls, which respond to our eternal divine teachings.
Occasionally, a few Souls do not respond.  To guide, in the case of individual/s and/or a few animals, where the decision to Offer has been decided, by example, by the owner/s of any animal and an animal’s particular Soul has not responded, you, as the Healing-Freedom + Sounding Bowl Practitioner, let it flow, accepting.

Each individual has the Offering as each individual accepts each Offering, their gratitude.  If their gratitude is just being said and is not felt, the Offering is not for that individual/s and the individual will not respond.